Related Service Information (TP 570 - 2644)

Related Service Information

This section provides information about the following:


The Reset switch resets the system (regardless of the microcode status) and forces the power off.
Use this push button to power off when power is not completely off or the microcode is in a hung state.
See the 'Front View - Locations' for the Reset switch location.

Running a Low-level Format

  -Attention- Make sure the drive address to be formatted is correct.
This procedure erases all information on the disk.

To format the hard disk, use the Full Erase Hard Drive or Quick Erase Hard Drive in Utility of the PC-Doctor DOS. Refer to 'Utility'.

Service Web site

When the latest maintenance diskette and system program service diskette are available, they are posted on:

Maintenance diskette:

System program service diskette:

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