Testing the Computer (TP 570 - 2644)

Testing the Computer

The ThinkPad computer has a test program called PC-Doctor DOS (hereafter called PC-Doctor).
You can detect errors by running the diagnostics test of PC-Doctor.

This section is an overview on detecting the problem. Refer to 'Product overview' for details that depend on model-unique functions.
To run the test, do the following:

Note: In the following procedure, you can select an item not only with the arrow keys but also with the TrackPoint.
Instead of pressing Enter, you can click the the left click button.

  1.  Insert the PC Doctor Startup Disk into the diskette drive, then power on the computer.

     If the computer cannot be powered on, go to 'Power systems checkout' and check the power  sources.

     If an error code appears, go to 'Symptom-to-FRU index'.

     The following panel appears:

     To run any test except the audio test, select choice 1 and press Enter.
     To run the audio test, select the applicable audio test and press Enter.

  2.  Insert the PC-Doctor DOS Disk 2 and press any key.

     The PC-Doctor main panel appears.

  3.  Select Diagnostics with the arrow keys, and press Enter.
     A pull-down menu appears:

    Note: The pull-down menu differs depending on the model.

  4.  Run the applicable function test.
  5.  Follow the instructions on the screen. If there is a problem, PC Doctor shows some messages.
  6.  Reseat the cable or connector of the detected FRU and run the test again.
     If the error recurs, replace the FRU that caused the error.

    Note: With some FRUs, especially the system board, the problem might be caused by peripheral  FRUs. Verify that each peripheral FRU, such as the flexible cable, has no problem by doing the following:

    1.  Replace each peripheral FRU one at a time, and run the test again.
    2.  If the peripheral FRUs have no problem, replace the main FRU itself.

       To see the FRU structure of the each model, refer to 'Product overview'.

  7.  To exit the test, select Quit - Exit Diag.
     To cancel the test, press Esc.

The following table lists the options on the test menu:

Diagnostics Interactive Tests
Run Normal Test Keyboard
Run Quick Test Video
CPU/Coprocessor Internal Speaker
Systemboard Mouse
Video Adapter Joystick
Serial Ports Diskette
Fixed Disks System Load
Diskette Drives CD-ROM/DVD
Other Devices Stereo Speaker
Memory Test - Full -
Memory Test - Quick -


Related service information

The PC-Doctor can detect following system information:

Hardware Info: 


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