Beep / No Beep Symptoms (TP 570 - 2644)

Beep Symptoms
Symptom / error    FRU / action in sequence
   One beep and a blank, 1. Reseat the LCD connector
   unreadable, or flashing LCD. 2. LCD assembly
  3. System board
   One long and two short 1. System board
   beeps, and a blank or 2. LCD assembly
   unreadable LCD.  
   Two short beeps with    POST error. See 'Numeric error codes'.
   error codes.  
   Two short beeps with 1. System board
   blank screen.  

No Beep Symptoms
Symptom / error    FRU / action in sequence
   No beep, power-on indicator 1. Ensure that every connector is connected tightly
   on, LCD blank, and no POST     and correctly
  2. DIMM
  3. System board
   No beep, power-on indicator 1. Reseat DIMM
   on, and LCD blank during POST 2. System board
   No beep, during POST but 1. Speaker
   system runs correctly  

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