Audio Checkout (WP z50 - 2608)

Audio Checkout

Speaker Checkout: If you suspect a problem with the speaker do the following:

  1.  Play an audio file. If no sound is heard, go to the  diagnostic menu (see 'Running the Diagnostics Test').
  2.  Select Audio and run the diagnostic test.
  3.  If the test detects an audio problem, do the following:  Click Start, Programs, WorkPad, and then Rapid  Access.
     Check that 'Mute' is not enabled in the Rapid Access utility.
     Click the Volume & Sounds icon in the Control Panel,
     adjust the volume to mid position and click any sound:

     if no sound is heard, do the following one at a time:

     Go to 'Microphone Checkout' if the speaker is working properly.

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