Installing the ROM/DRAM Card (WP z50 - 2608)

Installing the ROM/DRAM Card

This section describes how to install the ROM card or the optional DRAM card to the WorkPad z50.

Note: When you remove the ROM/DRAM card, you will lose all stored data.
Before you remove the ROM/DRAM card, be sure to back up all data and applications in the base memory.

  -Caution- Before removing or inserting the ROM/DRAM card, all power sources (AC power, the main battery pack, and the backup batteries) must be removed.

Follow these instructions when inserting the ROM/DRAM card:

  1.  Place the WorkPad z50 into suspend mode and disconnect AC power.
  2.  Turn the WorkPad z50 upside down.
  3.  Remove the main battery and remove the backup batteries.
  4.  Unscrew the single (captive) screw that secures the ROM/DRAM card compartment cover to the chassis.

     Remove the cover.

  5.  Locate the ROM/DRAM card Slot.
  6.  Find the notch on the side ot the card.
  7.  With the notched end of the card toward the right side of the socket, insert the card at an angle of  approximately 20 degrees into the socket, press it in firmly as shown -1-.
     Gently pivot the card until it snaps into place -2-.

      -Attention- To avoid damaging the ROM/DRAM card,  do not touch its contact edge.

  8.  Ensure that the ROM/DRAM card is securely inserted in the slot.
  9.  Replace the ROM/DRAM card cover over the memory slot, aligning the back side of the cover first,  then tighten the screw.
  10.  Attach the main battery and insert the backup batteries.
  11.  Turn the WorkPad z50 top side up. Connect the AC Adapter and cables, then turn on the WorkPad z50.

  -Attention- Handling a Screwdriver

Handle the screwdriver properly, otherwise, you might damage the screw.

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