Removing the ROM/DRAM Card (WP z50 - 2608)

Removing the ROM/DRAM Card

Note: Before removing the ROM/DRAM card, back up all data and applications in the base memory.
All data and installed applications will be lost by removing the ROM/DRAM card.
The ROM needs to be reinstalled before starting the POST or running Windows CE.

  -Caution- Before removing the ROM/DRAM card, all power sources (AC power, the main battery pack, and the backup batteries) must be removed.

Follow these instructions when removing the ROM/DRAM card:

  1.  Turn off the WorkPad z50.
  2.  Disconnect AC power.
  3.  Turn the WorkPad z50 upside down.
  4.  Rermove the main battery and remove the backup batteries.
  5.  Unscrew the single (captive) screw that secures the ROM/DRAM card compartment cover to the chassis.  Remove the cover.
  6.  Using your fingers or a small screwdriver, press out the two latches on the sides ot the card  away from the slots.  The ROM/DRAM card should pop out slightly.

    Removing the DRAM and ROM Cards

     Pull the tabs in the direction ot the arrows to release the cards.

  7.  Gently pull out the card.
  8.  Replace the ROM/DRAM card cover over the memory slot, aligning the back side of the cover first,  then tighten the screw.
  9.  Attach the main battery and insert the backup batteries.
  10.  Turn the WorkPad z50 topside up. Connect the AC Adapter and cables, then turn on the WorkPad z50.

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