Numeric Error Codes (WP z50 - 2608)

  Numeric Error Codes

Symptom/Error    FRU/Action in Sequence
   1xx IR error  
   101 IR error     Mainboard
   2xx ROM checksum error  
   201 ROM checksum error 1. Reinstall ROM card
  2. ROM card
  3. Mainboard
   202 DRAM test error     Mainboard
   (on Mainboard board DRAM)  
   203 DRAM test error  
   (DRAM module) 1. Reinstall DRAM module
  2. DRAM module
  3. Mainboard
   204 VRAM test error     Main board
   3xx Keyboard  
   301 Keyboard error 1. Reinstall keyboard
  2. Keyboard
  3. Mainboard
   4xx LED board  
   401 LED board error 1. LED board
  2. Mainboard
   5xx Battery  
   501 Battery error 1. Battery
  2. Mainboard
   6xx Audio playback error  
   601 Audio playback error 1. Speaker
  2. Mainboard
   602 Audio recording error 1. Microphone
  2. Mainboard
   7xx Display error  
   701 Display error 1. LCD panel
  2. Mainboard
   8xx Serial port test error  
   801 Serial port 1. Serial cable
  2. Mainboard
   9xx PC card/CF test error  
   901 PC card/CF test error     Mainboard
   86xx Mouse test error  
   8601 Mouse test error     Mainboard

Note: If you cannot find a symptom or an error in this list and the problem remains, see 'Undetermined Problems'.

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