Running the Diagnostics (WP z50 - 2608)

Running the Diagnostics

The following table lists the special tools used in the diagnostics:

Tool Name FRU P/N
Serial wrap connector 05K2846
PCMCIA wrap card 35G4703
CompactFlash wrap converter 05K2845

Use either the TrackPoint or the cursor move keys to interact with the tests.
The Enter key works the same as selecting the OK icon to reply OK.

  1.  Click Start, then Run.
     In the Run dialog window Open box, type '\Windows\ibmdiag.exe', Click OK.
     The basic diagnostic menu appears.
  2.  Start the Advanced Diagnostic test by pressing Ctrl+A on the  basic diagnostic menu.
     The Serial and PC Card devices will appear  on the diagnostic menu.

  3.  Click on a device to run the test.
     The test progress window appears. A confirmation message box will  appear after exiting each test, click Yes if the test ends without any errors.

PC Card Slot Test

Insert the PCMCIA wrap card into the PC card slot for the PCMCIA test, insert the CompactFlash wrap converter into the CompactFlash slot for the CompactFlash slot test.
Refer to (above), 'Running the Diagnostics' to run the tests.

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