Related Service Procedures (WP z50 - 2608)

Related Service Procedures

This section provides information about the following:

Status Indicators and Control Buttons

The system status indicators show the current WorkPad z50 status in different colors (green and amber).
The control buttons, -1- Notification, -3 - Microphone, and -5 - Power, are shown in the illustration below.

  Indicator           Color   Meaning
  1. Notification    |Amber | The system is receiving a transfer call.
                     |      | Push the Notification button to stop the transfer.
  5. External        |Green | The battery is fully charged or the
     Power/Charge    |      | rechargeable battery pack is absent
     Status          |      | (see 'Power Systems Checkout'.)
     (this LED is on |------|------------------------------------------------------
     whenever the    |Amber | Battery charging (see 'Power Systems Checkout'.)
     AC Adapter is   |      |
     connected)      |      |

To record a message, push the Microphone button, the Voice Recorder window will appear.
Click the Record button to start recording, click the Stop button to stop recording.
There is no record LED.

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