Parts - ThinkPad 390X / i 1700 - (2624, 2627)

  ThinkPad 390X / i 1700 - 2624, 2627

Index    FRU P/N
   1 Middle Cover    05K5481
2 LED Board with Cable    10L1154
3 Keyboard  
   US English    02K4705
   Canadian French    02K4706
   German    02K4707
   UK English    02K4708
   French    02K4709
   Dutch    02K4710
   Swedish/Finnish    02K4711
   Norwegian    02K4712
   Danish    02K4713
   Italian    02K4714
   European Spanish    02K4715
   Belgian    02K4716
   Swiss    02K4717
   Portuguese    02K4718
   Greek    02K4719
   Hebrew    02K4720
   Turkish    02K4721
   Arabic    02K4722
   Russian    02K4723
   Slovakian    02K4724
   Slovenian    02K4725
   Hungarian    02K4726
   Czech    02K4727
   Japanese    02K4728
   Traditional Chinese    02K4729
   Korean    02K4730
   LA Spanish    02K4731
4 Upper Heatsink for Celeron and Pentium II    10L1930
5 CPU Card (MMC-II, Celeron-400)    10L1439
   CPU Card (MMC-II, Pentium II--400)    10L1440
   CPU Card (MMC-II, Pentium III--450)    10L1354
   CPU Card (MMC-II, Pentium III--500)    10L1355
6 PCMCIA Holder    05K5476
7 Upper Cover 12.1"    05K5478
   Upper Cover 14.1"    05K5946
   Upper Cover 15.0"    08K5832
8 Lid Switch    05K5479
9 MMO Lower Heatsink    08K5837
10 DC-DC & Batt Board for 14.1"/12.1"    08K3406
   DC-DC & Batt Board for 15.0"    10L1435
11 Fan    08K5841
12 HDD Door    08K5834
13 HDD 4.8GB    05K9181
   HDD 6.0GB    05K9262
   HDD 6.4GB    05K8934
   HDD 10.0GB    05K8984
   HDD 12.0GB    05K9263
   HDD Kitting Parts    08K5833
   HDD Adapter Combo Bay    05K5525
14 Base Misc Parts    05K5487
15 IR Board    10L1436
16 System Board (M/B) (W/ AGP)    10L1433
   System Board Support LAN Module  
   (for Japan & Korea only)    08K3100
17 Combo Bay Interposer Card for 15.0"    10L1434
   Combo Bay Interposer Card for 14.1"/12.1"    08K3108
18 PCI Modem Connector    08K5842
19 Base Cover (14.1"/12.1")    08K5838
   Base Cover (15.0")    08K5839
   Base Cover for M/T2624    08K5879
   Base Cover for M/T2627    08K6352
19-1 I/O Door    10L1934
20 Battery (Li-Ion)    02K6520
   Battery (NiMH) (Panasonic)    02K6521
20-1 Battery Slider Cover    05K5942
21 32MB DIMM SDRAM (PC-100)    08K3408
   64MB DIMM SDRAM (PC-100)    08K3409
22 DIMM Door    05K5484
23 RTC    11J8591
24 PCI Modem Card    10L1296
   Ethernet Card    10L1437
25 Modem Door    08K5836
26 Combo CD-ROM + FDD    05K9248
27 Diskette Drive    27L3529
28 CD-ROM (Toshiba)    05K9191
   CD-ROM (LG)    05K9249
   DVD Module    08K9163
29 Combo Bay Bracket    05K6155
30 Combo Bay FPC Kit    05K2819
31 Speaker (15.0")    08K5835
AC Adapter  
   AC Adapter 3P (Sanken)    02K6555
   AC Adapter 2P (Sanken)    02K6554
   AC Adapter 2P (Delta)    02K6548
   AC Adapter 3P (Delta)    02K6550
   Misc Name Plate Label Pack    05K5921
   Rubber Kit    05K6176
   FPC Stopper Tape    05K5914
   Mylar Pack    05K5982
   Screw Pack    05K5489
   ° Screw M2*4 Wafer NI  
   ° Screw M2*3E Stainless BT  
   ° Screw M2*18 Pan B-ZN  
   ° Screw M2*5 28 PAN B-ZN  
   ° Screw Mach PAN NYLOK M2.0*10 NI  
   ° Screw Flat M3*5L PAN NI  
   ° Screw Wafer NYLO M2.5*6L B-ZN  
   ° Screw Wafer NYLO M2.5*3.5L B-ZN  
   ° Screw Mach PAN NY M2.5*12L B-ZN  
   Foot L&R    05K5504
Service Tools  
   Note: The CPU tool is for depot use only.  
   Description    FRU P/N
   Tri-Connector Wrap Plug    72X8546
   PC Test Card    35G4703
   Audio Wrap Cable    66G5180
   Screwdriver Kit    95F3598
   USB Parallel Test Cable    05K2580
   CPU removal tool    08K5880
   5.5mm socket    73G5354
   5.0mm socket    73G1466
   ESD Kit (wrist strap and mat)    73G5518
   ESD Wrist Strap    6405959
   ESD Mat    93F2649

Power Cords

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