Exiting from the Configuration/Setup Utility Program (Server 330)

Exiting from the Configuration/Setup Utility Program

Select Exit Setup to exit from the Configuration/Setup utility programs Main Menu; then, press Enter.

The system prompts you to confirm your choice. If you want to make additional changes, you can return to the Configuration/Setup Utility. If you made any changes and did not save them with the Save Settings choice, the system prompts you to save or discard the changes before exiting the Configuration/Setup utility programs.

When you finish configuring the server, you can save the CMOS and NVRAM configuration data to a diskette. This is useful in case you have to clear CMOS or replace the system board, and you want to restore the existing configuration.

Refer to the README file on the PC Server Utilities Diskette for specific procedures on backing up and restoring CMOS and NVRAM configuration data.

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