Bypassing an Unknown Power-on Password (Server 330)

  Bypassing an Unknown Power-on Password

When a power-on password is set, the POST does not complete until the password is entered. If the power-on password is forgotten, you can regain access to the server in either of the following ways:

  1.  Power-Off the System and disconnect the power cord.
  2.  Remove the Server Cover
  3.  Locate the power-on password jumper (J12). If necessary, see 'System Board'.
  4.  Change the jumper's position.

    1.  Lift the jumper straight off the pin block.
    2.  Align the holes in the bottom of the jumper with the center pin and the pin that was not covered previously.
    3.  Slide the jumper over these pins. POST will bypass the power-on password the next time the server is powered-on.

    NOTE: Do not replace the jumper in it's original position.

  5.  Replace the server cover and reconnect all external cables and power cords.
  6.  Use the Configuration/Setup Utility  programs to set a new power-on password.

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