PC Server 325 - Type 8639

(IBM PC Servers 325 HMM P/N 84H3049 - S84H-3049-00 Nov-1996 U.K.) 
(IBM PC Servers 325 HMM Supplement P/N 84H7203 - S84H-7203-00 Sep-1997 U.K.) 

  PC Server 325 - Type 8639

Additional Service Information

Controls and Status Indicators   POWER Switch

  Diagnostic Programs

  Password - Models Exx, RSx

Password - Models Pxx, RBx

  Alarm/Wakeup Settings

  PC Server Advanced Systems Management

  Power Supply



  Processor / System - Board - Exx, RSx

  Symptom-to-FRU Index  

  Error Codes

Undetermined Problems

  Parts Listing - Model Exx, RSx

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