Devices and I/O Ports

Devices and I/O Ports

Software recognizes ports from their port assignments. Each port must have a unique port assignment. The Configuration/Setup utility program normally handles this. Special hardware or software might require a change to these assignments.

Select the Devices and I/O Ports choice to view or change the assignments for devices and input/output ports.

NOTE: The infrared connector and Serial B connector share a single port assignment. By default, the infrared connector is configured as Disabled.

Serial ports can be added by installing a serial adapter in an expansion slot. See the documentation that is shipped with the serial adapter for information about port assignments.

The parallel port can be configured as bidirectional . In bidirectional mode, the server supports Extended Capabilities Port (ECP) and Enhanced Parallel Port (EPP).

NOTE: When the parallel port is configured as bidirectional, use an IEEE 1284-compliant cable. The maximum length of the cable must not exceed 3 meters (9.8 feet).

To display or change the assignments for devices, or the infrared, serial, or parallel ports:

NOTE: If you disable the serial, parallel, infrared ports or the Diskette drive in the Configuration/Setup Utility program, you might also need to use the EISA Configuration diskette to make the same changes.
  1.  Select Devices and I/O Ports. from the Configuration/Setup Utility program.
  2.  Select a device or port then,  use the Left Arrow (<) and Right Arrow (>) keys  to advance through the settings available.

    The Devices and I/O Ports choice appears only on  the full Configuration/Setup menu.

NOTE: If an Administration password is set, you must enter the Administration password to view the full Configuration/Setup menu, otherwise, a limited set of choices will appear in the Configuration/ Setup menu. If no Administration password is set, the full Configuration/Setup menu will appear.

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