3519 Parts (PC Server Rack Storage Enclosure)

System - Type 3519 - Model R01
3519 Parts - PC Server Rack Storage Enclosure
Index    FRU P/N
   1 Access Cover with rear Bezel    72H2643
2 Fan Assembly 120mm with Connector    60H9308
3 200W UV PFC Power Supply Assembly    60H8301
4 Base Frame Assembly    60H9283
5 Access Cover with Rear Bezel    72H2643
6 Hot-Plug Backplane    06H8576
7 Front Bezel Rack    60H8300
8 Cable Mgmt. Arm Bracket    72H2674
9 Chassis Draw Bracket    72H2676
10 Slide Mgmt. Bracket    72H2655
11 Rack Slides    72H2653
12 Slide Mgmt. Bracket    72H2655
13 Cable Mgmt. Arm    72H2657
14 Keylock with Keys    33F8433
15 Front Door Asm. Rack    60H8308
16 5.25-Inch Blank Bezel    76H3451
17 LED/On/Off Switch Cable Asm.    60H8302
18 Hot-Swap Door Asm.    60H9284
19 DASD Tray    06H2652
20 4.3m 68/68 SCSI Cable  
   (OPT P/N 94G5566)    76H0501
   6.0m 68/68 SCSI Cable    12J5676
21 SCSI Repeater Card    93H6409
22 Internal SCSI Cable 5x    60H8304
   Miscellaneous ISC Parts Kit    55H8179
   PC Server Label    60H8306
   Push Catch and Bracket    60H9285
   PC Server Rack -    Power Cords

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