Setting the Drive-Startup Sequence (Netfinity 7000 - 8651)

Setting the Drive-Startup Sequence

The drive startup sequence allows you to control the startup sequence of the drives in the server. Each time you power-on the server, it checks the drives as it looks for the operating system. The order in which the system checks the drives is the drive-startup sequence.

The default startup is to first check the primary CD-ROM drive for a self-starting (bootable) CD-ROM. If one is present, the operating system or program is loaded from the CD-ROM. If not, the system then checks the primary diskette drive for an operating system. If one is present, it loads the operating system from that diskette drive.

If you start the system from a CD-ROM, the CD-ROM drive becomes drive A, regardless of the defined sequence. If you start the system from a diskette, the drive that contains the diskette becomes drive A, regardless of the defined sequence, and the first hard disk drive that you select in the startup sequence becomes drive C.

If you elect to switch the startup sequence, you can use either the Setup program or the System Configuration Utility program. Refer to 'Defining the Startup Device' for instructions on using the Setup program.

To change the startup sequence using the System Configuration Utility:

  1.  Start the System Configuration Utility program.
  2.  Select Change Configuration Settings.
  3.  Select System Board
  4.  Scroll through the settings and locate the Boot Subsystem Group, then,  follow the instructions on the screen.

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