Setup Program (Netfinity 7000 - 8651)

  Setup Program

System Configuration Utility Program

Defining Configuration Settings
Recording the System Configuration Utility Program Settings

The Setup program stores configuration values in nonvolatile random-access memory (NVRAM) and in the battery-backed memory of the real-time clock. Entries that you make in the System Configuration Utility program overwrite the entries made in the Setup program.

You perform much of the system configuration through the System Configuration Utility program, not the Setup program.

In most cases, the server operates using the default settings, and you need to change the settings only to resolve configuration conflicts or to enable or change device function.

Review the information that comes with the device before making changes. Also, record the current settings before making any changes.

The Setup program consists of the following menu bar selections:

Main: Select this choice to set the System Time and Date. This menu also allows you to view or change configuration settings for the CD-ROM drive and diskette drive.
Advanced: Select this choice to view the settings of integrated peripherals and to identify the type and speed of the microprocessors.
Security: Select this choice to set passwords. Press F1 for online Help information while in the Setup program.

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