Adapter Installation (Netfinity 7000 - 8651)

Adapter Installation

  1.  Captive screw
  2.  Adapter support panel
  3.  Adapter
  4.  Expansion slot cover
  5.  Expansion slot screw

To install an adapter:
  1.  Power-off the server and peripheral devices and  disconnect all external cables and power cords, then,  remove the top cover (see 'Cover (Top)').
  2.  Remove the adapter-support panel -2- by loosening  the screw -1- and lifting the panel out of the server.
  3.  Determine which expansion slot you will use for the adapter.

    NOTE: Check the instructions that come with the adapter  for any requirements or restrictions

  4.  Remove the expansion slot cover -4-

    1.  Remove the screw -5- on the top of the expansion-slot cover -4-
    2.  Slide the expansion-slot cover out of the server.
    3.  Store these items in a safe place for future use.

      Expansion-slot covers must be installed on  all vacant slots. This maintains the electromagnetic emissions characteristics of  the system and ensures proper cooling of system components.

  5.  Place the adapter, component-side up, on a flat,  static-protective surface.
  6.  Set any jumpers or switches as described by the  adapter manufacturer.
  7.  Refer to the documentation that comes with the  adapter for any cabling instructions. It might be  easier for you to route any cables before you install the adapter.
  8.  Install the adapter:

    1.  Carefully grasp the adapter El by its top edge  or upper corners, and align it with the expansion  slot on the system (planar) board.

        Be careful not to damage the EMC gasket  when you install the adapter.

    2.  Press the adapter firmly  into the expansion slot.  The tapered foot of the adapter-retaining bracket  must fit info the mating slot in the expansion-slot frame.

        When you install an adapter in the server,  be sure that it is completely and correctly  seated in the system-board connector before  you apply power. Incomplete insertion might  cause damage to the system (planar) board or the adapter.

    3.  Align the rounded notch in the retaining bracket  with the threaded hole in the expansion-slot  frame. The retaining bracket on the adapter fits  into the space that was occupied by the  expansion-slot cover.
    4.  Insert the expansion-slot screw a that you  removed earlier into the threaded hole, and push  the rounded notch up against the screw.
    5.  Tighten the expansion-slot screw firmly.
    6.  Connect any needed cables to the adapter.

  9.  Reinstall the adapter-support bracket -2- and tighten the screw -1-

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