Cabling Example for the ServeRAID Adapter (Netfinity 7000 - 8651)

Cabling Example for the ServeRAID Adapter

You can install an optional ServeRAID adapter in the server to enable you to configure the hot-swap hard disk drives into disk arrays. The following procedure describes the cable routing that is necessary when you install the ServeRAID adapter.

NOTE: For ease of cabling, install the optional ServeRAID adapter in PCI slot 1. It might be easier for you to route the cables before you install the adapter.

  1.  Air baffle
  2.  Shuttle-support rails
  3.  Opening in shuttle
  4.  SCSI port A
  5.  SCSI port B
  6.  Captive screws
  7.  Shuttle
  8.  Opening in shuttle

To correctly rout the ServerRAID adapter cable, do the following:
  1.  Loosen the tour screws -6-, on the shuttle at the back  of the server.
  2.  Pull the shuttle -7- toward the back of the server.
  3.  Observe the way the edges of the air baffle -1- fits  inside the shuttle-support rails -2-, then, slide the air  baffle toward the rear of the server and lift it out of  the server.
  4.  Disconnect the SCSI cable from SCSI port B -5- on  the system (planar) board.
  5.  Slide the disconnected end of the cable out through  the opening -3- in the shuttle.
  6.  Reroute the SCSI cable through the opening a in  the center of the shuttle.

     1. Channel 2
     2. Channel 1
     3. Air baffle
     4. Shuttle-support rails
     5. SCSI port A
     6. SCSI port B
     7. Captive screws

  7.  It you have already installed the ServeRAID adapter,  connect the cable to Channel 2 -1- on the  ServeRAID adapter. If you have not yet installed the  ServeRAID adapter, connect the cable after you  install the adapter.
  8.  Repeat this procedure to disconnect the SCSI cable  from SCSI port A -5- on the system (planar) board and  connect it to Channel 1 -2- on the ServeRAID  adapter.

      If the air baffle is not installed correctly, the  server will overheat.

  9.  Install the air baffle -3-. Make certain that the edges  of the air baffle fit inside the shuttle support rails -4-.
  10.  Push the shuttle toward the front of the server and  tighten the four screws -7- at the back of the shuttle.

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