Power Up Sequence (Netfinity 7000 - 8651)

Power Up Sequence

To check the power up sequence. do the following.

  1.  Power-off the server.
  2.  Disconnect the power cord and wait 10 seconds until  all unit LEDs go off, then, reconnect the power cord  to reset the power supply units.
  3.  Check standby mode (system is plugged in but not  powered on). One AC Good LED on each power  supply should be on and the control panel LEDs are off.
  4.  Press the power button on the control panel. The  power supply DC Good LEDs will illuminate and the  control panel power failure light (LED) will briefly flash  yellow and the power-on light will turn solid green.
  5.  Check power-on mode for the following:

NOTE: If any of the two power supply LEDS are off in any of the preceding steps. replace the power supply.

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