Hot-Swap Power Supply Installation (Netfinity 7000 - 8651)

Hot-Swap Power Supply Installation

The server comes with two power supplies. You can add a third power supply to provide redundant power. After you install power supplies, check the power-supply status indicators to verify that the power supplies are operating properly. See 'Power Supply Status Indicators' for details.
  CAUTION Never remove the cover on a power supply.
Hazardous voltage, current, and energy levels are present inside the power supplies. There are no serviceable parts inside the power supplies.

Refer to the following illustration while perlorming the steps in this procedure.

NOTE: You do not need to power-off the server to install hot-swap power supplies.

  1.  Power supply
  2.  Bottom screw
  3.  Power switch on power supply
  4.  DC Power light
  5.  AC Power light
  6.  Top screw

To add a power supply. do the following:

  Before you install a power supply, set the Power switch on the power supply to the Off position.
  1.  Set the Power switch -3- On the back of the power  supply to the Off position.
  2.  Locate the filler panel on the power-supply bay (at the  back of the power-supply chassis).

      For proper system cooling, do not operate the  server for more than two minutes without a power  supply or a filler panel installed for each of the  power-supply bays.

  3.  Remove the two screws from the filler panel.
  4.  Remove the filler panel from the power-supply bay  and save it and the two screws you removed for uture use.
  5.  Support the power supply -1- by the handle on the back.
  6.  Slide the power supply into the chassis.

      When you install a power supply. first, tighten  completely the top screw that attaches the power supply to the server, then, tighten the bottom  screw. Failure to do so can damage the power supply.

  7.  Tighten completely the top screw -6- on the power  supply, then, tighten the bottom screw -2-.
  8.  Set the Power switch on the power supply -3- to the  On position.
  9.  Verify that the AC Power light -5- and DC Power light -4- on  the power supply are lit, indicating that the power supply is operating correctly.

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