Serial Port (Netfinity 7000 - 8651)

Serial Port

The server comes with two serial ports. (Refer to 'Input/Output Connectors and Expansion Slots' for the locations of the connectors.) These ports are used to communicate with printers. plotters, external modems, scanners, and auxiliary terminals. These ports also enable you to transfer data between computers.

Serial ports can transfer data asynchronously, which means that they can transmit any number of characters at any time, with no restriction on the duration of the pauses between characters.

The serial ports can transmit and receive data and commands at rates of from 300 bits per second up to 345600 bits per second. To use a serial port at 345600 bits per second, you need a special shielded cable,

Each serial port has a 9-pin, male D-shell connector on the back of the server, The pin-number assignments of this connector conform to the industry standard,

When you power-on the server. the POST routine assigns the serial ports to specific communication port addresses,

Some application programs use only certain ports, and some modems are designed for use only at certain communication pod addresses, You might need to use the System Configuration Utility program to change communication port address assignments to resolve conflicts,

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