Microprocessor (Netfinity 7000 - 8651)


The server comes with two processor boards and one microprocessor. It supports a maximum of four microprocessors (two on each of the processor boards). The system board contains two processor-board connectors:
one is primary, the other is secondary. You must maintain a processor board in each connector.

The server can operate as an SMP server. With SMP, certain operating systems and application programs can distribute the processing load among the microprocessors
This enhances performance for applications, such as database transaction processing, Internet applications, and groupware.

NOTE: Be sure you have:

A microprocessor/heat-sink assembly might contain the following components.

  1.  Heat-sink retention clip
  2.  Heat sink
  3.  Microprocessor
  4.  Latch
  5.  Secondary microprocessor socket, empty, with latch in open position
  6.  Primary microprocessor socket, with latch in closed, locked position

You will work with these components while performing the steps in this section.

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