Removing the Server from a Rack (Netfinity 7000 - 8651)

Removing the Server from a Rack

    Four people are required to move or lift the server.

To remove the server from a rack:

  1.  If you have a modem or fax machine attached to the  server, disconnect the telephone line from the  electrical outlet and the server.

    NOTE: If you are in the United Kingdom, you must  perform this step before disconnecting the power cord.

  2.  Disconnect all cables and power cords from the rear of the server.
  3.  Disconnect all power cords from the rack.
  4.  Remove the screws from the bezel brackets on each  side of the front bezel. Set them aside for later use.
  5.  Slide the server about halfway out of the rack.
  6.  Loosen the captive screws that secure the cable-management arm.
  7.  Fully extend the slide-bracket assemblies until they lock.
  8.  Remove the screws that attach the server to each slide-bracket assembly.
  9.  Remove the side access doors from the server by loosening the captive screws.
  10.  Using the four handles on the side of the server, lift  the server from the slide bracket assemblies and  place the server on a flat, nonconductive surface.
  11.  Install the side access doors on the server.

      For proper cooling and airflow, replace the side  access doors before powering on the server.  Operating the server with the side access doors  removed might damage server components.

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