Video-Sleep-Register Address Setting (J6A2) (Netfinity 7000 - 8651)

Video-Sleep-Register Address Setting (J6A2)

The Video-Sleep-Register jumper determines which I/O port the SVGA controller uses for its internal AT mode setup port. The starting address of the default port is 03C3H (pins 1 and 2). When this jumper is set to pins 2 and 3, the Video-Sleep-Register address changes to 46E8H.

If no keyboard activity occurs after a specified timeout period (1 to 128 minutes, as specified through the Setup program), the Video-Sleep-Register jumper blanks out the monitor screen. When this happens, you must enter a password to reactivate the monitor and keyboard.

To change the location of the Video Sleep Register:

  1.  Power-off the server and peripheral devices and  remove the top cover (see 'Cover (Top)').
  2.  Identify the Video-Sleep-Register jumper, J6A2.

  3.  If the primary processor board blocks access to the  jumper, remove it (see 'Processor or Memory Board').
  4.  Set the address of the Video-Sleep Register:

    1.  To set the address to 03C3H (factory default),  move the jumper to pins 1 and 2.
    2.  To set the address to 46E8H, move the jumper  to pins 2 and 3.

  5.  If you removed the primary processor board, install it.

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