System-Board Configuration Switch Settings (Netfinity 7000 - 8651)

System-Board Configuration Switch Settings

Some configuration actions are controlled through switches on the system board. Table 9 summarizes the switch settings that correspond to these actions.

Table 9. Configuration Switch Settings 

Switch Position Function
S6A1-1 On Resets NVRAM and the
Real-Time Clock (RTC) to the
factory defaults on system
S6A1-1 Off (1) Retains current CMOS settings
on system startup.
S6A1-2 On Clears the user and
administrative passwords on
system Startup.
S6A1-2 Off (1) Passwords can be entered or
S6A1-3 Off (1) Reserved

NOTE: 1 This is the factory default.
2 Do not change the settings for switches S6A1-4, S6A1-5, S6A1-6, or S6A1-8. These switch settings should remain as set at the factory.

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