Wide Hot Swap Drive Tray III Installation

Wide Hot Swap Drive Tray III

There are two hot-swap trays that work with the Hot Swap Backplane III: the SCSI-2 Fast Hot Swap Drive Tray III (narrow 8-bit tray), and the SCSI-2 Fast/Wide Hot Swap Drive Tray III (wide 16-bit tray). These trays have built-in small computer system interface (SCSI) connectors that can hold one of several types of hard disk drives.

Installing a Hard Disk Drive into a Wide Hot-Swap Tray

  Do not operate the latch mechanism 1 until the hard disk drive is secured in the tray. The latch mechanism is used to lock the tray in place after it is inserted in the computer or expansion enclosure.


The wide hot-swap tray option contains:

You need the following to complete the installation:

To install a hard disk drive in a wide hot-swap tray, do the following:
  1.  Place the tray on a flat surface with the latch 1 on the left.
  2.  Route the LED cable 2 along the right side of the tray rail, inside the tray rail, as shown.

  3.  Attach the power cable 1 to the hard disk drive.
  4.  Attach the signal cable 2 to the hard disk drive.

  5.  Route the SCSI ID cable as shown:

      Damage will occur to the drive you are installing if you do not use the correct cable.  Follow these instructions exactly. If you are installing a 1.0GB Fast/Wide SCSI-2 Hard Disk Drive, you must use the cable labeled with FRU PN 06H8664.  The FRU PN can be found on a small label attached to the drive. If you are installing an Ultrastar Hard Disk Drive or an IBM Fast/Wide SCSI-2 Hard Disk Drive for PC Servers,  use the other cable.

    1.  Connect one end of the cable to 1
    2.  Connect the other end of the cable to 2


      Ensure that the spring clip 1 that holds the tray latch 2. in place along the tray rail is secure.  Do not operate the latch mechanism until the hard disk drive is secured in the tray.

  6.  Install the hard disk drive 1 into the tray 2 as shown. Align the screw holes in the hard disk drive with the holes in the array rails.

  7.  Install the four screws (2 on each side) using a flat blade screwdriver. The screws should be snug. Do not tighten the screws excessively or you might bend the tray rails.

      Ensure you are using the correct size screws to attach the disk drive to the tray. If the screws are longer than 5mm (3/16 inch) you might damage  the hard disk drive.

  8.  To install the assembled hot-swap drive into your computer or expansion enclosure, refer to 'Using the Hot Swap Trays' for general installation instructions. Also, refer to the  documentation that comes with the computer or expansion enclosure for any specific instructions for the configuration.

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