RAID Cabling / Samples

  RAID Cabling / Samples

  You cannot use the External and Internal (channel connector) port at the same time.
(e.g. if Internal port #1 is used, then external port #1 cannot be used) 

  PCI ServeRAID / II / 3H / 3L - Adapter

SCSI-2 Fast / Wide Streaming MicroChannel RAID Controller, FRU P/N 06H3059


SCSI-2 Fast / Wide Streaming PCI RAID Controller, FRU P/N 06H5078


SCSI-2 Fast / Wide ServeRAID PCI RAID Controller, FRU P/N 76H6875 (06H9334)



SCSI-2 Fast / Wide PCIRAID PCI-Controller, FRU P/N 75H9011 OPT P/N 94G5884


Server 330 / 8640-Pxx System Board RAID Controller


For RAID Cables see > Ext./int. RAID Cables
For multiple 'DD' Drives see > RAID Recovery Procedure Not Effective
For ServeRaid description see > ServeRAID Manual

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