IBM ServeRAID xx Adapter - Compatibility

IBM ServeRAID xx Adapter - Compatibility

  Server                 ServeRAID       ServeRAID II    ServeRAID 3L    ServeRAID 3H
  PC Server 300          Not Supported   Not Supported   Not Supported   Not Supported
  PC Server 310          Not Supported   Not Supported   Not Supported   Not Supported
  PC Server 315          Not Supported   Yes             Not Supported   Not Supported
  PC Server 320          Yes             Yes             Not Supported   Not Supported
  PC Server 325          Yes             Yes 1           Yes 1           Yes 1
  PC Server 330          Yes             Yes             Yes             Yes
  PC Server 500          Not Supported   Not Supported   Not Supported   Not Supported
  PC Server 520          Yes             Yes             Not Supported   Not Supported
  PC Server 704          Yes             Yes             Not Supported   Not Supported
  PC Server 720          Yes             Yes 2           Not Supported   Not Supported
  Netfinity 3000         Not Supported   Not Supported   Yes             Yes
  Netfinity 3500         Not Supported   Yes 3           Yes             Yes
  Netfinity 5000         Not Supported   Yes             Yes             Yes
  Netfinity 5500         Not Supported   Yes             Yes             Yes
  Netfinity 5500-M10     Not Supported   Yes             Yes             Yes
  Netfinity 7000         Not Supported   Yes             Yes             Yes
  Netfinity 7000-M10     Not Supported   Yes             Yes             Yes

1. Only the following models of the Server 325 are supported: 8639-EJ0, ES0, ESV, RSO, PT0, PTW, PB0, RB0.
2. OS/2 is not supported.
3. SCO UnixWare 2.1.2 is not supported.

The ServeRAID-3H is a 64-bit PCI adapter offering three Ultra2 SCSI channels with one internal SCSI connector and two or three external SCSI connectors.
The ServeRAID-3L is its entry level sibling: it is a 32-bit PCI adapter with one Ultra2 SCSI channel.

Both the 3H and 3L adapters support both single ended (SE) and low-voltage differential (LVD) SCSI disk drives.
The Ultra2 SCSI interface supports RAID-0, RAID-1, RAID-1 Enhanced, and RAID-5 logical drives and supports SCSI, SCSI-2, Ultra SCSI and Ultra2 SCSI drives.

The ServeRAID-3H is a replacement for the IBM ServeRAID II Ultra SCSI Adapter, (OPT P/N 76H3584), and the IBM ServeRAID SCSI Adapter (OPT P/N 70G8489).

 Features                                ServeRAID       ServeRAID II    ServeRAID-3L    ServeRAID-3H
 Internal Connectors                     3               3               1               1
 External Connector (standard/max)       1 / 1           2 / 3           1 / 1           2 / 3
 External Connector Type                 68 pin          VHDCI           VHDCI           VHDCI
 Cache                                   4 MB            4 MB            4 MB            32 MB
 Battery-Backup Cache Option             No              Yes             No              Yes
 Autosync                                No              Yes             Yes             Yes
 PCI Bus                                 -------------- 33 MHz 32-bit PCI -------------  33 MHz 64-bit
                                                                                         or 32-bit PCI
 LVDS Support                            No              No              Yes             Yes
 I 2 O Enabled                           No              No              Yes             Yes
 Hot-Swap PCI Support                    No              Yes             Yes             Yes
 Fault Tolerant Adapter Pair             No              Yes             Yes             Yes
 Automatic Hot Swap Rebuild              Yes             Yes             Yes             Yes
 Data Scrubbing                          No              Yes             Yes             Yes
 Logical Drive Migration                 Yes             Yes             Yes             Yes
 Command Line Utilities                  Yes             Yes             Yes             Yes

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