Installing the Backplane Repeater Kit in a Netfinity 7000 Server


The IBM Netfinity Backplane Repeater Kit can be used to connect up to 12 hard disk drives to one SCSI channel by cabling the two backplanes to one SCSI controller.

Before you begin, read through these instructions to familiarize yourself with the installation procedure.

You need a Phillips screwdriver and long-nosed pliers to install the repeater kit. If your server is a drawer model, you also need a large flat-blade screwdriver or a 1mm socket wrench.

The repeater kit contains the following items:

Note: The illustrations in this publication might be slightly different from the hardware.

You can install the IBM Netfinity Backplane Repeater Kit in either a Netfinity 7000 tower model, or a Netfinity 7000 drawer model.

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