Administrator - Power on Password Override (Netfinity 5500 - Type 8660)

Administrator Password

  If an administrator password is set and then forgotten, it cannot be overridden or removed.
You must replace the system board.

Power on Password Override (Bypassing an Unknown Power-on Password)

When a power-on password is set, POST does not complete until you enter the password. If you forget the power-on password, you can regain access to the server through either of the following methods:

  1.  Enter the administrator password at the power-on prompt, if an administrator password has been set.  Start the Configuration/Setup utility programs and change the power-on password.

  2.  Changing the J24 Power on Password override jumper, bypasses the power-on  password check if the jumper has been moved since the server was last powered on.

     For jumper location see System Board Locations 8660 (5500) / 8661 (5500-M10) / 8662 (5500-M20)

     You do not need to move the jumper back to the default position after the password is overridden.

     Changing the position of this jumper does not affect the administrator password check if an  administrator password is set.

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