Power-on Self Test (POST)

Power-on Self Test (POST)

When you turn on the server, it performs a series of tests to check the operation of server components and some of the options installed in the server. This series of tests is called the power-on self-test or POST.

POST does the following:

If you have a power-on password or administrator password set, you must type the password and press Enter, when prompted, before POST will continue.

While the memory is being tested, the amount of available memory appears on the screen. These numbers advance as the server progresses through POST and the final number that appears on the screen represents the total amount of memory available. If POST finishes without detecting any problems, a single beep sounds, the first screen of the operating system or application program appears, and the System POST Complete (OK) light is illuminated on the information LED panel.

If POST detects a problem, more than one beep sounds and an error message appears on the screen. Note: A single problem might cause several error messages. When this occurs, work to correct the cause of the first error message. After the cause of the first error message is corrected, the other error messages usually will not occur the next time you run the test.

For a complete list of error codes, see 'Symptom-to-FRU Index'.

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