Installing the Top Cover

Installing the Top Cover

  Completing the Installation
To complete the installation, you must reinstall the side and top covers, reconnect all the cables that you disconnected in 'Preparing to Install Options', and, for certain options, run the Configuration utility program. Follow the instructions in this section.

For correct cooling and airflow, install the top cover before turning on the server. Operating the server for extended periods of time (over 30 minutes) with the top cover removed might damage server components.

To install the server top cover:

  1.  Before installing a cover, check that all cables,  adapters, and other components are installed and  seated correctly and that you have not left loose tools  or parts inside the server.
  2.  Lower the cover -2- with the rear edge of the cover  about 25 mm (1 inch) back from the rear edge of the  server.
  3.  Slide the cover forward.
  4.  Tighten the two thumbscrews -1- on the back edge of  the cover.
  5.  If you disconnected any cables from the back of the  server, reconnect the cables, then, plug the power  cords into properly grounded electrical outlets.


  1.  If you are in the United Kingdom and have a  modem or fax machine attached to the  server, reconnect the telephone line after   you plug in the power cords.
  2.  If necessary, see 'Input/Output Connectors and Expansion Slots'  for connector locations.

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