Installing the Server in the Rack

Installing the Server in the Rack

In this section, you will use eight screws (M4 by 8).

To install the server in the rack:

  1.  Fully extend the slide-bracket assemblies until they  lock.
  2.  Install the four lift handles on the sides of the server:

    1.  Press in on the sides of the lift handle near the  tabs and insert the handle tabs into the slots on  the side of the server.
    2.  Move the handle up in the slots so that the  hooked part of each tab is inside the server.  Release the pressure on the sides of the handle.
    3.  Install the remaining three lift handles.



     Use safe lifting practices when lifting the machine.

  3.  Lift and position the server so that the bayonet slots  on the server are above the bayonets on the  slide-bracket assemblies.
  4.  Lower the server and slip the bayonets into the  bayonet slots.
  5.  Insert screws through one slide-bracket assembly and  server side. Tighten the screws. Repeat this step for  the other slide-bracket assembly on the opposite side  of the server. This secures the server.
  6.  Remove the four lift handles from the sides of the  server:

    1.  Grasp the lift handle and press in on the sides of  the lift handle near the tabs until the tabs touch  the inside edges of the slots.
    2.  Move the handle down in the slots so that the  hooked parts of the tabs clear the top edges of  the slots, then, pull the handle away from the  server.
    3.  Remove the remaining three handles. Store the  handles in a safe place.

    Note:  When the drawer is fully extended, safety latches  on the slide-brackets lock into place. To release  the safety latch, press the latch on each side of  the rack.

  7.  Press the safety latches and slide the drawer about  halfway into the rack.
  8.  Attach the cable-management arm to the server using  the captive screws.
  9.  Attach the monitor, keyboard, and power cables to  the corresponding connectors on the server. Refer to  the rack documentation for instructions.
  10.  Attach the cables to the cable-management arm using  cable ties.
  11.  Attach the two bezel brackets (one for each side) to  the front sides of the server with the six screws  provided.
  12.  Secure the server in the rack:

    1.  Slide the server into the rack.
    2.  Secure the server to both sides of the rack by  inserting screws (M6 by 16 mm) through the  bezel brackets, mounting rails, and cage nuts.

  13.  Install the rack front door.
  14.  To complete the installation, refer to the  documentation that came with the rack.

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