Server Cabling

Server Cabling

Make sure you have an adequate number of properly grounded electrical outlets for the server, monitor, and any other options that you installed. Place the server in a location that is dry. Rain or spilled liquids might damage the server. Leave about 50 mm (2 inches) of space at the right and left sides of the server to allow the server's cooling system to work properly. Leave about 100 mm (4 inches) clearance at the rear for cables.

  1.  Use the illustration in 'Input/Output Connectors and Expansion Slots'  to cable the server.
  2.  Remove any shipping screws -2- from the power supply.
  3.  Connect the power cord -1- to the server.

       When the power-cord strain-relief bracket option  is installed on the power cord, the server must be  plugged to a power source that is easily accessible.

  4.  Install the power-cord strain-relief bracket -3- (if desired).
  5.  Plug the power cord into a properly grounded electrical outlet.

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