Parts Listing (Netfinity 5500-M10 - Type 8661)

Parts Listing Netfinity 5500-M10 - Type 8661
Models 11Y, 1RY, 2RY, 31Y, 3RY, 41Y, 4RY, 51Y, 5RY

  SCSI, RAID External-Internal Cable Connector

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Index Netfinity 5500-M10 - Type 8661    FRU P/N
1 Top Cover    12J3063
   400 MHz System Service Label  
   (Models 11Y, 1RY, 2RY)  
   450 MHz System Service Label  
   (Models 31Y, 3RY, 41Y, 4RY, 51Y, 5RY)    37L0024
2 Processor Card Support Tray (Housing)    10L6971
   Processor Card Support Tray (Model 51Y)    01K6983
3 Shuttle with Bracket    01K6998
4 Fan Assembly 92mm  
   with Connector and Bracket    01K6999
   Short Blower Fan Assembly  
   with Bracket Assembly    01K6988
   Long Blower Fan Assembly  
   with Bracket and Vane    01K6990
   Fan/Blower 3x Power Cable    03K9168
5 Base Frame Assembly    01K6991
6 Hard Disk Drive  
   SCSI Hard Disk Drive Cable (3x)    12J3711
   SCSI Hard Disk Drive to  
   Backplane Cable (OPT P/N 03K9313)  
   (Models 11Y, 1RY, 2RY, 31Y, 3RY, 41Y, 4RY, 51Y, 5RY)    03K9342
   SCSI to Rear Panel Cable (Option only)  
   (Models 1RY, 2RY)  
   (12J3274)    03K9342
7 Hard Disk Drive Bezel (Black)    12J3072
8 DASD Backplane Board    76H6880
9 DASD 6-Drive Cage Assembly    01K6987
10 Front Bezel w/o Door Assembly    01K6997
11 1.44MB Diskette Drive, (Black)    76H4091
   Diskette Holder Bracket    12J3065
   Diskette Drive Signal Cable    03K9340
12 MKE CR-504 32x CD-ROM Drive, (Black)    02K1119
   IDE - CD-ROM Signal Cable    03K9338
13 5.25-Inch Blank Bezel    12J3073
14 3-U Front Bezel Assembly with Lock and Keys  
   (Models 11Y, 31Y, 41Y, 51Y)    03K8798
15 3-U Enclosure Frame  
   (Models 11Y, 31Y, 41Y, 51Y)    03K8797
16 Media and Switch Trim Panel    03K8773
17 Foot Pads (4x)  
   (Models 11Y, 31Y, 41Y, 51Y)    03K8800
18 3-U Blank Panel  
   (Models 11Y, 31Y, 41Y, 51Y)    03K8799
19 DASD Door  
   (Models 11Y, 31Y, 41Y, 51Y)    03K8778
20 Front Bezel Cap  
   (Models 11Y, 31Y, 41Y, 51Y)    12J7041
21 Status Cover Lens    12J7031
22 Front LED card & bracket    01K7001
23 400 Watt Hot Swap PFC Power Supply  
   Assembly with Bracket    03K8774
   Hot Swap Power Backplane Card  
   with 5 Power Cables    01K6992
   Power Supply Filler Plate    01K6996
   Power Switch (Button) Assembly  
   with Bracket    01K7003
   Power Supply Bracket    36L9535
24 Side Access Cover  
   (Models 11Y, 31Y, 41Y, 51Y)    03K8776
   Side Cover Retention Bracket  
   (Models 11Y, 31Y, 41Y, 51Y)    12J7040
25 Power AC Inlet Box    01K6995
   System Board w/o Memory and  
   Processor Card    36L9482
   System Board Shield    03K9054
   System Battery (Lithium)    33F8354
   128 MB ECC 3.3V REG DIMM (Option)    28L1015
   256 MB ECC 3.3V REG DIMM (Option)    01K7391
   512 MB ECC 3.3V REG DIMM (Option)    28L1016
   2 GB Processor Card w/o Processor    61H0523
   Processor Terminator Card    94H0598
   400 MHz (Xeon) Processor (Models 11Y, 1RY)  
   (with 512 KB L2 Cache) (OPT P/N 01K7264)    11L1569
   400 MHz (Xeon) Processor (Model 2RY)  
   (with 1 MB L2 Cache) (OPT P/N 10L5894)    11L1571
   450 MHz (Xeon) Processor (Models 31Y, 41Y)  
   (with 512 MB L2 Cache) (OPT P/N 10L5901)    28L4557
   450 MHz (Xeon) Processor (Models 3RY, 4RY)  
   (with 1 MB L2 Cache) (OPT P/N 10L5902)    28L4558
   550 MHz Processor (Models 51Y, 5RY)  
   (with 512 MB L2 Cache)    33L3733
   Voltage Regulator Card (VRM)    20L1010
   Mouse (Model 11Y, 31Y, 41Y, 51Y)    76H0889
   Air Diffuser    01K7000
   Interior LED and Speaker  
   (Diagnostics Panel LEDs)  
   (Models 41Y, 4RY, 51Y, 5RY)    01K7002
   PCI Switch Card    03K8982
   Lift Handles  
   (Models 1RY, 2RY, 3RY, 4RY, 5RY)    03K9069
   Rack Slide/Bracket Assembly  
   (Models 1RY, 2RY, 3RY, 4RY, 5RY)    03K8775
   Cable Management Arm  
   (Models 11Y, 2RY, 31Y, 41Y, 51Y)    12J3088
   Cable Management Arm Bracket  
   (Models 11Y, 2RY, 31Y, 41Y, 51Y)    12J3089
   Left and Right EIA Flange  
   (Models 1RY, 2RY, 3RY, 4RY, 5RY)    01K6981
   Door Hinge (Model 11Y)    01K6637
   Keylock with Keys and Pawl (Model 11Y, 31Y, 5RY)    01K6641
   Keylock Linkage (Model 11Y, 31Y, 41Y, 51Y)    03K8777
   Media Bracket    12J5681
   Slot 2 Goalpost    36L9554
   Token Ring PCMCIA Card (Option)    85H3656
   Token Ring Cable (Option)    03K9323
   Miscellaneous Parts Kit-1    12J3079
   ° 32x5/16 Screws (4x)  
   ° M3.5x8 Plastite Screws (2x)  
   ° M3x5 Screws CD Bracket (8x)  
   ° M3.5x7 Screws Processor Card (15x)  
   ° 6-32x3/16 Screws (8x)  
   ° 3.9 ID Nylon Washers (2x)  
   ° EMC Springs (24x)  
   ° Lock Hole Plug (1x)  
   ° Cable Tie (1x)  
   ° Fan Grommets (4x)  
   Miscellaneous Parts Kit-2    03K8782
   ° EMI I/O Gasket  
   ° EMI PCI/ISA I/O Gasket (1x)  
   Miscellaneous Parts Kit-3  
   (01K6982)    28L4526
   ° M3x5 Handle Screws (5x)  
   ° PCI Card/Housing to Shuttle (2x)  
   ° Insulator with Light Pipes (5x)  
   ° Hot Swap PCI Card Clamps (4x)  
   ° Hot Swap PCI Card Guides (5x)  
   ° Hot Swap PCI I/O Card Guides (6x)  
   ° ISA I/O Card Guide (1x)  
   ° PCI Filler Plate Bracket (4x)  
   ° Hot Swap Retention Handles (4x)  
   ° Switch Card Mounting to Chassis (1x)  
   Miscellaneous Rack Kit-4  
   (Models 1RY, 2RY, 3RY, 4RY, 5RY)    12J3090
   ° M6x16 Screws, Slide/Bracket to Rack (16x)  
   ° M3.5x7 (EIA flanges to Chassis Screws) (6x)  
   ° M4x8 Screws, Slides to Chassis (8x)  
   ° M6 Nut Clips, Slide/Bracket to Rack (6x)  
   ° M6 Nuts, Flange Arm to Bracket (2x)  

See > Keyboards 37L2xxx, 37L0xxx, 02K0xxx
See > Power Cords

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