Array Problems

Array Problems

Many problems within an array are not seen by the users of the server. The RAID-1 functions provide a continuing service to the users even when a member of an array has failed. However, unless the failure is corrected, a second failure within that array could cause the whole array to become unavailable.

Therefore, it is very important that you check the error log for the adapter regularly. You could do this by making such a check part of the start-up procedure for your operating system. If an array is attached to a cluster of servers, all errors in the array are logged to both servers. Errors that occur during configuration might not be logged to both servers.

To check the error log:

  1.  Start the configuration utility by executing the program ISSACFG  or, if it is available, double click on the SSA Configurator icon.
  2.  From the Main Menu, select EvenVError Logger and then Analyze SSA Event Log.

     The current list of errors appears in a new window:


The SRNs (service request numbers) describe the errors.

If one of the following SRNs appears, you can correct the problem by exchanging a disk drive for a new one:

     Any SRN whose first character is '1'

The following section describes what you need to do with the array configuration utility while changing a disk drive.

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