Changing Array Attributes

Changing Array Attributes

To change one or more of the attributes of an existing array:

  1.  From the SSA Main Menu, select SSA Adapter List
  2.  The SSA Adapter List window opens:

     Select the primary adapter that controls the array.

  3.  The adapter-menu window opens:


    Select RAID 1 Arrays.

  4.  A list of the RAID 1 arrays controlled by the adapter appears in a new window:

     Highlight the array whose attributes you want to change, and press F8.

  5.  A window opens showing the attributes for the array selected:

     You can change the values of the attributes by overtyping them.  (The Help screen provides details of the values that are allowed.)  Use the arrow keys to scroll the contents of the window, if  necessary, to ensure that you check all the attributes. Press  Enter to set each attribute in turn.

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