Exchanging a Member of an Array

Exchanging a Member of an Array

To exchange a member of an array with another disk drive:

  1.  From the SSA Main Menu, select SSA Adapter List, the primary  adapter that controls the array, System Resources, and then  the array in which you want to exchange a member. A window will open  showing the attributes of the array:

  2.  Use the arrow keys to scroll to the last item in the list, View  Members, and press Enter. A window opens showing a list of  the members of the array:

  3.  Select the member that you want to exchange and press F7. A  window opens showing the disk drives that are candidates for exchange:

  4.  Select from this list the disk drive that you want to become the  new member of the array. The window closes. The previous window now  shows the new member, with the added status 'rebuilding' while the  adapter rebuilds the data onto the disk drive from the rest of the array.

     The old member returns to the free state.

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