Finding the Device When No Service Aids are Available

Finding the Device When No Service Aids are Available

When no service aids are available, you must find the device by using the port (P) and SSA-address (AA) values that are provided by some service request numbers (SRNs).
Examples of these SRNs are 43PAA, 44PAA, and 45PAA.

The port (P) can be a number 0 through 3.
It indicates the port connector on the SSA adapter:

0 = Connector A1
1 = Connector A2
2 = Connector B1
3 = Connector B2

The AA value is the decimal SSA-address value. It indicates the position of the device that you are trying to find (counted along  the SSA loop).

Use the port value to locate the relevant connector on the SSA RAID Cluster Adapter, then follow the SSA cable to the first real  device. Include other adapters as real devices if they are in the same SSA link. Do not include dummy devices.

The first device that you reach represents SSA-address count 0.
Continue to follow the SSA links from device to device, increasing the SSA-address count by 1 for each device, until you reach the device that is indicated in the SRN.

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