The Identify Function

Identify Function

The Identify function can be accessed from most of the SSA Configurator and Service Aids Utility displays.

This function enables you to determine the location of a particular disk drive that you want to identify, but do not want to remove. Identify causes the Check light of the disk drive to flash for identification (two seconds on, two seconds off), but has no effect on the normal operation of the disk drive. It also causes the Check light (if present) of the unit containing the selected disk drive to flash. You can use the Identify function on any number of disk drives at the same time.

Instructions displayed by the service aids tell you when you can select the Identify function.

The service aids display the UIDs of the devices. By checking the UID on the serial-number label on the device, you can verify that the correct device has its Check light flashing.

To start the Identify function, press F9 (FlashOn). To end the Identify function, press F10 (FlashOff).

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