Recovery from RAID Adapter Failure

Recovery from RAID Adapter Failure

When a RAID adapter failure occurs, you must replace the RAID adapter and then place the new RAID configuration onto the RAID adapter. For the IBM SCSI-2 Fast/Wide PCI-Bus RAID Adapter and IBM Fast/Wide Streaming Adapter/A, there are two ways to restore the RAID configuration:

  1.  If you have the most recent backup of the current RAID configuration, then perform  the following steps:

    1.  Boot to the RAID Option Diskette.
    2.  Select Advanced Functions.
    3.  Select Restore RAID Configuration.
    4.  Enter the backup configuration filename and press Enter.
    5.  The RAID adapter saves the new configuration.

  2.  If no backup of the current RAID configuration is available, then perform one of the  following steps:

NOTE: Do not Initialize this logical drive.
When you have a defined hot spare and the RAID log is not available, remember that the hot spare becomes part of the array as soon as the first drive is marked defunct. The initial drive that went defunct is DDD in the configuration and is no longer part of the array. However, the hot-spare drive, until it is completely rebuilt, is marked as write only in the configuration. If the configuration is lost, then you must remember that the hot spare may or may not have completed rebuilding. Therefore, take this into account when replacing RAID adapters where the NVRAM is also corrupted, the known state of the array is uncertain, the RAID log is not available, drives are DDD, or a hot spare was defined.
  1.  Manually define the array according to your best estimate, including the original  HSP drive as part of the array. You include the HSP drive because other drives  were defunct besides the HSP. Therefore, the HSP has most likely taken over for  the original drive.
  2.  Before booting to the configuration, pull the original HSP drive and mark it as  defunct. This ensures the logical drive is running in the CRT state. This in turn  eliminates problems if the HSP could not have completed rebuilding.

Note: The information above is to help guide you to make the best choices when servicing RAID problems. However, there will be times when data is not recoverable.

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