About this Manual

About this Manual

This manual is a compilation of four IBM White Papers. Due to this, it is possible that the White Papers contain more recent information. For the latest information on this subject and other topics related to the IBM product line refer to the following sources:

Web Sites 

IBM maintains extensive and timely information on the world wide web. Visit the following sites lor more information on IBM servers and other IBM products. These sources contain product information, performance data, and technical literature.

   IBM Home Page     http://www.ibm.com
   IBM PC Company Home page     http://www.pc.ibm.com
   IBM PC Server Home page     http://www.us.pc.ibm.com/server/server.html
   IBM PC Company Support     http://www.us.pc.ibm.com/support.html
   TechConnect Program     http://www.pc.ibm.com/techconnect/
   File repositories     http://www.us.pc.ibm.eom/files.html
   -OR-     ftp://ftp.pcco.ibm.com

White Papers 

The following White Papers pertain to RAID and hardfile technologies. These provide procedures for ensuring the highest protection and availability of customer data and are view able on-line at http://www.us.pc. ibm.com/support (search on the document title).

  1.  Using IBM RAID Adapters to Avoid Data Loss. (PC Co. FaxBack doc# 11202)
  2.  High Availability Using the IBM ServeRAID Adapter (PC Co. FaxBack doc# 11203)
  3.  Understanding Hard Disk Drive Media Defects. (PC Co. FaxBack doc# 11205)
  4.  High Availability of Your RAID Subsystem with IBM SCSI-2 Fast/Wide PCI-Bus RAID  Adapter & IBM F/W Streaming RATD Adapter/A. (PC Co. FaxBack doc# 1204)

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