Operation Modes

Operation Modes
Mode    Description.
   Traditional Adapter    Used when you expect little or no
     cross-subnetwork traffic.
   VNET Switch    Used when you need to build subnets
     to provide cross-segment traffic.

Traditional Adapter Mode:

When the adapter is operating in this mode, the drivers for the adapter register each individual LAN segment with the network operating system (NOS) as a unique subnet. The NOS views the adapter as four separate adapters. Each network segment must be configured with a unique network number.


VNET Switch Mode


When the adapter is operating in this mode, multiple LAN segments are registered with the NOS as a single subnet, called a VNET . VNETs are multisegment virtual subnets.

VNETs are made possible by a layer of virtual network software that binds to multiple instances of the adapter LAN driver and register them with the NOS as a single subnet. Multiple PeerMaster adapters may be configured to interoperate in various ways, such as:

All physical segments within a VNET are configured to the same network number. Cross-segment traffic within a VNET is switched by the adapter instead of by the server, allowing the server to be more productive.

External internetworking devices are not required to provide communication between segments with a VNET.

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