System Board Connectors (8650)

System Board Connectors
  1.  Cable: Power control and status (PS3)
  2.  Cable: +5V, +12V, and +3.3V power connector (PS1 and PS2) (identical)
  3.  Cable: Diskette drive connector
  4.  Cable: Front panel connector
  5.  IDE - CD-ROM connector
  6.  Memory board connector

     If more than one processor (MP) is installed see > System HANGs

  7.  Secondary processor board connector
  8.  Primary processor board connector

  9.  Fan 1 connector (not used)
  10.  Fan 2 connector (inner chassis fan)
  11.  Hard disk drive LED 1 connector
  12.  I²C connector (not used)
  13.  Fan 3 connector (upper outer chassis fan)
  14.  Fan 4 connector (lower outer chassis fan)
  15.  Hard drive LED 2 connector (not used)
  16.  Connector for optional Server Management Module (not used)
  17.  SCSI bus connectors: Channel A to the right, Channel B to the left
  18.  EISA slots 1-4 for add-in boards (slot 1 toward top, 4 toward bottom)
  19.  PCI slots 1-6 for add-in boards (slot 1 toward top, 6 toward bottom:
      Bus 0 = slots 1 - 3; Bus 1 = slots 4 - 6)
  20.  Configuration switches and jumpers
  21.  Real-time clock
  22.  Video DRAM expansion socket
  23.  VGA monitor connector
  24.  Parallel port connector
  25.  Serial port connectors A (COM1) and B (COM2) / see EPP/ECP mode
  26.  PS/2-compatible keyboard and mouse connectors

  27.  ITP Header (for ALB1PUTR Module)

Configuration Switches

Switch Position Function
S6A1-1 On
Clear CMOS
Normal operation
S6A1-2 On
Clear password
Normal operation
S6A1-3 Off(1) Reserved

(1) Factory default setting.


  1.  This is the factory default.
  2.  Do not change the settings for switches S6A1-4, S6A1-5, S6A1-6,  or S6A1-8. These switch settings should remain as set at the factory.

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