Type 3523 Fibre Channel Hub and GBIC

Type 3523 Fibre Channel Hub and GBIC

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See > NF Fibre Channel - Power ON/OFF Procedure

General Checkout

Installation and operational problems in an arbitrated loop environment are typically caused by one of the following:

The following information will help you to isolate and correct the physical layer problems. For protocol-related problems, such as inoperability between devices, see the documentation that came with the individual devices.

Port Status LEDs

The hub provides two status LEDs for each port. Use these LEDs to help you quickly diagnose and recover from problems.

The upper, green LED is lit when an operational GBIC is installed. The lower, amber LED is lit when the port is in the bypass mode. In the bypass mode, a port is disabled, which prevents erratic signals or data from disrupting loop activity. The bypass mode could be triggered by the loss of valid signal or by a GBIC fault. The combination of green and amber LEDs indicate the four following states.

Green LED Amber LED Port State
Off Off No GBIC Installed
On Off Operational GBIC, Valid Signal
Off On Faulty GBIC, Port Bypassed
On On Operational GBIC, No Valid Signal,
Port Bypassed

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