Battery Replacement

Battery Replacement


Removing the Battery CRU:

Unpack the battery CRU. Save the shipping material for transporting the used battery CRU.
Find the "Battery Support Information" label on the front of the new battery CRU.
  1.  Record today's date on the blank line next to "Date of Installation".
  2.  Remove the front cover of the controller unit.

      Important The battery CRU weighs approximately 24 lb.
     Make sure you are prepared to support its weight when you remove it from the chassis.

  3.  Turn the captive screws on the battery CRU counterclockwise.  If they are too tight, use a flat blade screwdriver to loosen the screws.
  4.  Pull battery CRU out about 2-inches.
  5.  Grasp the battery sides with both hands and slide out.

Installing the Battery CRU:
  1.  Slide the battery CRU into the slot and tighten all captive screws.
  2.  Replace the front cover.
  3.  Allow the system to run for at least 24 hours in order to properly charge the batteries.

When properly charged, both Full Charge LEDs will be lit on the front of the battery CRU.

  Important Dispose of the used battery CRU according to local
and federal regulations, which may include hazardous material handling procedures.

Important If the used battery CRU is leaking electrolyte gel, DO NOT ship it to a recycling center. Handle damaged batteries according to your local regulations, which may include procedures for handling batteries as hazardous waste.

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