Symptom-to-FRU Index

Symptom-to-FRU Index

This index supports Type 3526 Fibre Channel RAID Controller.

The Sympton-to-FRU lists symptoms and the possible causes. The most likely cause is listed first.

NOTE: Always start with the 'General Checkout'.
For IBM devices not supported by this index, refer to the manual for that device.

NOTE: Do Not look directly into any fiber cable or GBIC optical output.
To view an optical signal, use a mirror to view the reflected light.

Problem    FRU/Action
   Controller LED (front cover) 1. Reseat Controller CRU
   is on. 2. Controller CRU
   Software issued a controller 1. Check Controller Fan
   error message. 2. Controller CRU
   Software errors occur when 1. Check appropriate software and documentation to
   attempting to access     make sure the system is set up correctly and the
   controllers or drives.     proper command was executed
  2. Power to the Controller
  3. Interface cables
  4. ID settings
  5. Controller
  6. Drive
  7. Controller backpanel
   Fan LED (front cover) is on. 1. Power supply fan CRU
  2. Controller fan CRU
   Controller and Fan fault 1. Check both Fan and Controller CRUs for fault LED
   LEDs (front cover) are on.     and replace faulty CRU
   Fault-A or Fault-B LED 1. Battery CRU
   (battery CRU) is on.  
   Full Charge-A or Full 1. Power-on Controller and allow batteries to charge
   Charge-B LED (battery     for 24 hours until the Full Charge LEDs are on.
   CRU) is off. 2. Battery CRU
  3. Both power supplies
   No power to controller 1. Check power switches and power cords
   (all power LEDs off) 2. Power supplies
   Power Supply LED is off. 1. Check and reseat power supply
  2. Check for overheating.
      Wait ten minutes for the power supply CRU to cool down.
      See 'Recovering from a Power Supply Shutdown'.
  3. Power supply CRU
   Power Supply CRUs LED 1. DC power harness
   are on, but all other CRU  
   LEDs are off.  

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