Server NetBAY3 Enclosure - Type 9306 Model 001

(IBM PC Server Racks HMM - P/N 10L9799 Form # S83H-9585-02 Mar-1998 U.K.) 

  Server NetBAY3 Enclosure - Type 9306 Model 001


The IBM Netfinity NetBay3 enclosure provides a convinient 3-U high storage cabinet for the installation of computer devices.

NOTE: Vertical measurements are given in rack units (U) , One U is equal to 4.45cm (1.75-inches).

Up to three NetBAY3 enclosures can be stacked under certain IBM Netfinity servers.
Devices such as the IBM Netfinity EXP10, an uninterruptable power supply (UPS), or various telecommunication equipment can also be installed in a NetBAY3 enclosure.


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