Internal drives are installed in bays . The bays are referred to as bay A, bay B, bay C, bay 1, bay 2, and so on.

The following illustrations show the locations of the bays in the server.

Tower model


Rack model


The server comes with a CD-ROM drive installed in bay B and a diskette drive installed in bay C.

Table 1. Maximum Allowable Drive Sizes 

Bay Drive Width Drive Type Drive Height
A 5.25-inch Removable
media drive 1
41.3mm (1.6-in)
B 5.25-inch CD-ROM 41.3mm (1.6-in)
C 3.5-inch Diskette drive 25.4mm (1.0-in)
3.5-inch Hot-swap hard
25.4mm (1.0-in)
Slim line (SL)
41.3mm (1.6-in)
2 (1.6-in)
Half height (HH)

1 Removable media includesCD-ROMs, optical discs, and tapes. It does not include hard disk drives.
2 A 41.3mm drive installed in bays 1 through 5 will occupy two bays.

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